High Stake Sales: Proven System For More Business

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Close more business in less time with less effort by getting the right information in front of the right people at the right time in the right way.

Motivational psychology sits at the heart of better business. Without understanding your customer and their motivations, you will continue to lose deals to your competition.

This is ideal for anyone who is involved in high stakes sales and negotiations. While the principles are perfectly viable for e-commerce bulk sales structures, this is move useful for human to human sales conversations and processes.

The concepts shared in this training have implications beyond the business world. They apply anywhere a human is involved in your life. 

(Even if it's only you, too.)


My name is Jonathan Pritchard and I'm currently the sales trainer at an 8 figure marketing agency. These are exactly the same processes I teach there that help our teams exceed goal month over month.

For 20+ years I've traveled the world as a trainer & speaker focusing on the power of ethical sales and negotiation. My background as a world class mentalist gives me a unique perspective on human psychology/decision making, and those secrets have enabled me to rise to the top of one of the most competitive industries.

This project is my way of taking you behind the curtain and showing you simple (yet powerful) strategies that you can immediately implement in your business.


What you get is more than an hour and a half of methods, techniques, and strategies for helping you connect with your customers. You will get actionable advice that you can put into practice right away, as well as general principles that will help you identify opportunities to improve your deal flow across the board.

These benefits are delivered through the demonstration of 3 powerful mentalism demonstrations that will leave you scratching your head. I then explain the method behind the experience and explore how they apply to the business world.

The video concludes with a Q&A segment where those on the live call were able to ask about areas of interest.


This is a completely uncut raw video recording of a live masterclass. In the near future, as the content is organized, edited, and presented in a more structured way, the price will continue to go up. 

Existing customers will continue to be grandfathered in at no additional charge for the extra value that we add moving forward.

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You're getting powerful secrets to better business from a world class sales trainer.

108 Minutes of personal training
3 Mentalism demonstrations
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High Stake Sales: Proven System For More Business

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