Black Glass Systems


If You Are A Magician Looking To:

  • Do better shows
  • Work for better clients
  • Write shows faster
  • Forget fewer routines
  • Expand your repertoire

Get the Black Glass System at an exclusive pre-sale price.

Inside You Get...

  • A simple, yet powerful program that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile (iOS & Android).
  • Step-by-step video instruction that takes you from zero to infinity (and beyond).
  • Comprehensive & flexible approach to organizing the chaos that's built specifically for magicians by Jonathan Pritchard, a professional magician.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • How to build fantastic relationships with your clients and impress them by remembering important details about them.
  • How to keep all your ideas in one place. No more random post-it notes, envelopes, random receipts, 5 notebooks that you never look through, Google Docs, NotePad, and so on. You know what I'm talking about.
  • How to find the information / idea / routine / show notes that you're looking for when you need them. See above.
  • How to quickly & efficiently build a new show without wasting hours combing through your library.
  • How to never forget that fantastic bit of business just because you haven't done that routine in a couple months.
  • How to use the system the way your mind works. You won't have to fit your mind into someone else's idea of how you should track this stuff. It's truly your system.

Sign Up Today To Get Live Instruction & Custom Templates That Will Get You Started.

I'll be running a live cohort-based instruction where I'll teach everyone on the call exactly what this is, how it works, and how they can get it going right away. Attendees will be able to ask questions, get feedback, and benefit from the ideas of all the other members.

Once that call is done, it will be packaged up as a stand-alone course to watch on your own.

Also, you'll receive templates for:

  • taking notes,
  • cataloguing your library,
  • keeping track of your favorite routines,
  • client contact details,
  • shows,
  • gig feedback & evaluation

These will be offered as an additional upsell once the course goes public.

So you have to get moving today.

Presale closes on February 14th, 2023.

Click "I want this" to save your spot, lock in the extras, and change your magic forever.

The live training call will be scheduled shortly after the beta-sale closes.

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Black Glass Systems

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